A quick thought on laundry and Beyoncé 

As a new mama, I find myself trying to navigate through this new territory of sleepless nights and days filled with diapers, giggles and everything in between. So often I find myself wondering how other moms do it. The stay at home moms who maintain a clean (or straightened) household, plan meals a week in advance, keep up on the never ending laundry pile all while having time, not to mention energy, to keep a successful blog, exercise, have a social life and not look like they were drug 2 miles under a bus. I mean some days I count it a success if I even make it to the shower. 
I recently read an article about how successful people get more done in a day than ‘most’ people get done in a week. While I didn’t agree with everything in the article, it did raise a few valid points. It starts off with a quote to the tune of ‘Beyoncé has the same amount of time in a day that you do’. The premise of the article is focusing on the task at hand. It encourages you to try to limit multitasking and give the project you are working on 100% of your energy. While that may not be completely realistic, it does bring up a point. Prioritize. If I can prioritize my tasks, I’m less likely to be doing four things at once and may actually successfully complete a task.. Such as that pile of laundry that seems to double everyday. 
It also mentioned surrounding yourself with motivated people using the example that Beyoncé hangs out with Oprah, the Obamas and, of course, Jay Z. The theory is that if you surround yourself with people like this, you will rise to their level. Moral of the story: Become Beyoncé’s friend and my life will fall into order.. Can’t be too hard.. Can it? Did I mention that I have laundry to catch up on?  



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