Hilarious questions to all tiny house dwellers

When I first read this article, I laughed to myself. Later that evening I had my husband read it out loud and we both died laughing. It provided us with quotes for days to follow.

Tiny houses are all the rage right now. Don’t get me wrong, I commend people who want to and are able to downsize and de-clutter their lives. However, I have so many questions for those people and the author of this article did a tremendous job asking many of those questions.



A quick thought on laundry and Beyoncé 

As a new mama, I find myself trying to navigate through this new territory of sleepless nights and days filled with diapers, giggles and everything in between. So often I find myself wondering how other moms do it. The stay at home moms who maintain a clean (or straightened) household, plan meals a week in advance, keep up on the never ending laundry pile all while having time, not to mention energy, to keep a successful blog, exercise, have a social life and not look like they were drug 2 miles under a bus. I mean some days I count it a success if I even make it to the shower. 
I recently read an article about how successful people get more done in a day than ‘most’ people get done in a week. While I didn’t agree with everything in the article, it did raise a few valid points. It starts off with a quote to the tune of ‘Beyoncé has the same amount of time in a day that you do’. The premise of the article is focusing on the task at hand. It encourages you to try to limit multitasking and give the project you are working on 100% of your energy. While that may not be completely realistic, it does bring up a point. Prioritize. If I can prioritize my tasks, I’m less likely to be doing four things at once and may actually successfully complete a task.. Such as that pile of laundry that seems to double everyday. 
It also mentioned surrounding yourself with motivated people using the example that Beyoncé hangs out with Oprah, the Obamas and, of course, Jay Z. The theory is that if you surround yourself with people like this, you will rise to their level. Moral of the story: Become Beyoncé’s friend and my life will fall into order.. Can’t be too hard.. Can it? Did I mention that I have laundry to catch up on?  


Why I only allow myself 30 minutes of Facebook a day

We are living in a world where social media has increasingly taken over our lives. It has been substituted for in-the-flesh friendships, face to face conversation and sadly, for some it is the only source of keeping in touch with certain family and friends. 
Of course we know that social media can be deceiving. It may look like Suzie Q is leading the most interesting life while we are stuck in a mundane 9-5 routine. Perhaps we’re jealous because Billy Joe seems to live at the lake while Mary Sue seems to be permanently on vacation. It’s easy to get caught up in others lives and to compare ourselves to them. And then we undoubtedly find we come up short. We feel like we haven’t traveled enough so we are boring. We don’t end up in those huge group selfies so have we aren’t popular. We don’t take crazy selfies because let’s me honest.. After a while they become annoying. So does that mean we aren’t confident? Because we feel silly and kind of vein taking pics of ourselves constantly? No. We are humble. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone else. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been caught up in the ‘post mania’ where you are constantly uploading pics from vacation in real time, live tweeting our evenings out, blowing up Instagram with our clean houses and cooking skills but when it comes down to it.. It’s all material. It will not matter in 5 years.. Nay.. 5 days what Bobby Sue thought of my decorating skills from my snapchat story. 
So in an effort to declutter my life and focus on what is important, I only allow myself 30 minutes of Facebook a day. I certainly don’t check it in the morning because I’m not going to let my newsfeed set the tone for the rest of my day. I don’t check it at night because that is my time to unwind and let go of the day. When I do check it, I only allow myself half an hour, and that is even an excess. 
If I am truly honest with myself, Facebook isn’t bringing me any closer to Christ; it actually puts a wedge in my relationship with Him. I put my social media status before him. That is something I’m not willing to tolerate any longer. Don’t get me wrong, my newsfeed is sprinkled with bible verses overlaying pretty designs or picturesque scenery but I can get the same thing from my bible. Instead of filling my camera roll with these images that I will probably forget about, I would rather take the time to read God’s word in an intimate setting allowing myself to truly bond with Christ. 
It’s not easy. It’s a daily struggle to not check Facebook every hour or spend hours scrolling through my newsfeed but I am better for it. I am a better wife, a better mother, a better sister and a better daughter. I choose to not be confined by the chains of social media. I choose not to subject my family to comparison of my peers. I choose simplicity and peace.